1 Graphic Tee / 3 Different Outfits

If you know me, you know I appreciate a good bargain when it comes to shopping!  The other day I was browsing the racks at T.J. Maxx. I was on a time crunch because I knew Tanner (my boyfriend)  was probably bored out of his mind while I was shopping.  I hastily looked through the racks as fast as I could and happened to stumble upon the CUTEST graphic tee, originally from American Eagle that said "Your Sign + Mine".  I absolutely love a cute graphic tee, and it just so happened that this one was only $5, so of course I bought it!  I immediately came home and tried it on with some pieces I already had. (anyone else like to play dress-up in their closet?)  Here's what I came up with:  3 completely different looks from 1 graphic tee!!


1. "All About Town"


This first look is perfect for going to the farmer's market, running errands, lunch with the girls, sight-seeing on vacation, a day of shopping, etc. It's a casual, versatile, and carefree look perfect for a cool, summer day.  Here is what I paired with my new $5 graphic tee for this outfit: 




  • Black & White Grid Button Up:  H&M
    I got this at H&M a while ago for $15 & wasn't able to find it on H&M's website, so I've linked an almost identical version of it & is UNDER $20
    -----> HERE
  • Yellow Chino Shorts:  Ralph Lauren
    I bought these two years ago, so RL has stopped selling these exact ones on their site, but I've linked some similar ones
    -----> HERE
  • Clear Slip-On Sandals:  Skye on the Town
    Skye doesn't carry these on their site, but I got them for literally ONLY $8!! I've linked some similar ones that are under $15
    ------> HERE


2. "We're Going Out Tonight." Outfit

This second look is the textbook definition of a going-out outfit, whether its with the girls, your boyfriend, to a fraternity party, or just a semi-casual date night, this outfit is perfect for you college gals! See how I've paired this same graphic tee to achieve this look below: 



  • Corduroy high-waisted, lace-up, burgundy skirt: Forever 21
    I bought this last fall & they don't carry this exact one anymore, but you can achieve this same look with any kind of tight-fitting & high-waisted skirt.  I've linked an almost identical skirt -----> HERE
  • Leopard platforms:  Skye on the Town
    Again, these were bought in store at Skye, and they don't carry them online, but I got them for less than $20 & have linked some similar ones ------> HERE
  • Burgundy Fringe Bag:
    Sorry guys, I have no idea where this purse is from, there isn't a single brand on it anywhere! I received this from my very chic mom as a hand-me-down, so no complaints here!! However, I hate that I don't know where its from, but I've linked an extremely similar one that I found on Etsy for about $55 -----> HERE


3. "Let's Just Chill Tonight?" Outfit

For the third look, I paired the same "Your Sign + Mine" Tee with some sleep shorts & a messy high ponytail.  This is all you need to achieve this look! The tee is super comfy & great for lounging around, sipping on some cheap wine and watching the latest episode of The Bachelor with your girl squad! I achieved this look by pairing the same previous graphic tee with these shorts below: 

  • Cats - with - Crowns sleep shorts - TJMaxx
    I found these at TJMaxx (of course) for $10 AND they came in a pack of TWO! (One pair with Cat print, one plain black pair)  These are my go-to lounge around the house shorts and I am OBSESSED with the Cat print!! This look is very laid back and requires little-to-no effort, so feel free to pair your graphic tee with comfy bottoms of your choice! Since I bought these at TJMaxx, I'm unable to find them online, but I've linked similar ones that I'm also obsessed with
    ----> HERE