My top 5 favorite hair products!

One of my favorite physical features is my hair.  I am a natural redhead and have taken pride in that my whole life (aside from experimenting with blonde hair and dark red.) I once donated my hair to "Locks of Love." Although I never regretted that decision because I knew it provided hair to someone in need of it, after I cut about 10" from my hair in middle school, I instantly missed my long hair.  Since then, I've spent years growing out my hair, until I decided to cut it short once again my Freshman year of college.  Everyone does this, but don't get talked into it unless you REALLY, genuinely want short hair.  I say this, because all of my friends who cut their hair when they get to college have instantly regretted their decision.  After a few years of growing it out, using less heat to style it daily, and taking lots of vitamins, especially, Biotin, my hair is finally long, relatively healthy, and easy to style! Below, I've rounded up my top 5 favorite hair products! These are my go-to's and have been for some time now!