Hey guys! I know it's been a while since my last post. I am not amazing at this balancing act we call adulthood, but I am learning. Since my last post, a lot of great stuff has happened. I just started working at Skye on the Town doing marketing and sales! I love this new job so much! And earlier last month, during spring break, I went to Los Angeles, where I shopped, went sight-seeing, and of course hit up all the Instagram-worthy hot spots, including the pink wall at Paul Smith, the Santa Monica pier, and the fabulous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I am obsessed with the scene and the people in Cali! Everyone is so open-minded and the whole city seems to just go with the flow. My absolute favorite thing was people watching, which sounds creepy, but don't lie, we all do it!! I love seeing how people in other cities dress and interact. LA is fashionable, ahead of the trends, and vibrant with diversity.  I'm so thankful that I got to spend this week in one of my favorite places with my boyfriend Tanner, his best friend Ian, and Ian's girlfriend who also happens to also be my best friend, Bri.


I forgot to mention that we DROVE to California, which is about a 24 hour drive from where I live. Originally we were going to fly, but we decided about 4 days before that we were actually going. What is life if it's not spontaneous, right? So Day 1 of Spring Break began around 7am and ended later that day in Flagstaff, Arizona where we slept off the drive and prepared for the next day of driving to Cali.

Day 2

On day 2, we had about 6 hours of driving left until L.A., but of course we had to stop to take some desert pics and get In-N-Out Burger.  We arrived in Cali at our adorable air bnb. I LOVE air bnb for many reasons, but my favorite thing about getting an air bnb over a hotel is that you get to feel like a local for your vacay and anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with everything and anything local when traveling. Our air bnb was the most adorable bungalow-style home in West Hollywood, only a couple blocks away from Paramount. We had a private courtyard and a rooftop balcony with a view of the Hollywood sign.

Day 3

Today we went shopping at The Grove, which is pretty much the best outdoor mall I've ever been to.  If you're ever in L.A. you have to go! There's to-die-for shopping, a variety of restaurants, including the most adorable cafรฉ, Ladurรฉe  known for their heavenly macarons, and a farmer's market! The Grove is basically my happiest happy place. That was pretty much it for day three, just A LOT of shopping, eating, and, picture-taking, and coffee-drinking.

Day 4

We spent the morning taking pics in our courtyard at the air bnb, and later went to the cutest breakfast place, The Waffle.  The Waffle is like a more upscale Waffle House, that's the best comparison I can think of.  All I wanted to do the entire time was going to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I'm obsessed with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it's one of  my many guilty pleasures, so this was definitely in my top 5 things I just needed to do.  I've been to Rodeo before, but I was young and didn't appreciate the glamour of it at the time.  While shopping on Rodeo, we headed into Sugarfina, the most chic candy store I've ever been in!  After getting our sugar fix, we continued shopping, Bri and I parted ways with the guys and went to different boutiques and of course some more high fashion stores.  Later that day, we went back to our cute little Cali home and took naps.  That night, we went to downtown Hollywood and spent a good 2 hours in the giant Forever 21.  We walked around looking at the Hollywood walk of fame and ate a casual dinner at Johnny Rockets.  After the longest day yet in L.A., we went back home and watched movies until we crashed.

Day 5

We spent our last full day in Los Angeles in the appropriate way, on the beach.  We started the day on the Santa Monica pier,  where we got yelled at by a homeless man for no apparent reason, ate greasy food, and played with pigeons. (Bri did, I'm not the biggest fan of pigeons, but it was fun to watch her with 3 birds on her head and arm at one time, she was channeling her inner Cinderella.)  We ended up going to yet another amazing outdoor mall and shopped for a couple of hours.  After a long day in Santa Monica, we sat in traffic for over an hour (probably shouldn't have left the beach at 5:00 in Los Angeles.)  Once we got back, we were so tired and all sad we had to leave the next day.

Day 6

On our last day, we made a couple of last-minute stops; an ultra-vegan restaurant, the famous pink wall at Paul Smith, and for our last farewell to La La Land, the Griffith Observatory.  We got breakfast at a super-hip, very vegan restaurant, M Cafe.  The food was healthy and delicious, and the atmosphere wad simplistic but also adorable.  Bri asked for milk in her latte and they asked what kind, when she said regular milk, they looked at her like she was crazy and said "sorry we are dairy free."  It didn't bother us, just caught us off guard since we're used to regular milk being the norm.  After M Cafe, we went to the Pink Wall at Paul Smith and took some fun pics!  I would have loved to have done a full photo shoot there but we were crunched for time, so we just took a few on Tanner's camera.  Across the street was the "La La Land" Mural and I was the only one in the group who was pretty excited about it since none of them have seen the movie yet.  After the pink wall, we went to the Griffith Observatory, which was honestly more of a hike than I would have liked, but it was worth it for the amazing view.  We stayed and said our farewells to the City of Angels before departing on our 24 hour road trip back home to good ol' Arkansas.  All in all this trip to L.A. was the perfect spring break.  I had so much fun with my boyfriend and best friends.  I hope you guys check out some of the places I went next time you visit Los Angeles!

Til next time,

Live, Laugh, Lauren.