Today is National Voter Registration Day, and after watching the presidential debate last night, I realize now more than ever the importance of voting.  I am not going to push my political views on anyone, because the great thing about America is that we have the privilege to vote on whichever candidate we desire, and the freedom to contribute to this democratic nation.  We have been given an opportunity in this country to have a voice and to make that voice heard come election time.

Why do I vote? I personally vote because I have the responsibility to do so as a citizen, and because I am grateful for the opportunity.  LESS than 100 years ago, women were unable to vote entirely, now, the first woman has been chosen to represent a major party in this upcoming election!! This is HUGE!! Regardless of who you want to win in the upcoming election, you must admit that this is a huge stride for women everywhere.  I have chosen to vote, especially in this election to help make a difference in this country.  Imagine the United States of America, one of the most powerful, (if not the most) influential countries in the WORLD being led by a woman!?  There are still countries where women are told what to wear, who they can marry, what job they will have, etc.  I will not take this right for granted, and neither should any other citizen of the U.S.!

I think I've made it pretty obvious who I want to win come election time, however, even for those of you with a differing opinion from my own, I encourage you to vote.  If you are 18, and able to vote in this election, please do!  There really should not be an excuse to not vote, even if you "don't like either of the candidates."  If you cannot side with a specific candidate, then do some research and find out which candidate you tend to agree with more, find out who you side with on most issues!  We all have opinions, and our opinions deserve validation, we all deserve to be heard.  There are plenty of websites, tests you can take, and apps that will help you find a candidate that you tend to agree with, and if that isn't enough, take 10 minutes out of your day to research the candidates' policies, goals, opinions, etc.  A citizen with the right to vote should never sit out on an opportunity to contribute to the future of our nation.

I think we can all agree that this is an election like no other, and although I can value the opinions of those who don't agree with me, I personally cannot sit back idly and watch the fate of our country fall into the hands of someone who may potentially abuse the power.  So please, register to vote, and vote in this election!  I stand with Hillary, who are you voting for?


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