Top 10: Bid Day Themes

Bid Day is one of the most exciting days of the year, it's like the Christmas of greek life, except instead of presents, you get a new pledge class for your chapter and extremely cute pics for your Insta. What could be better than that!?  Bid Day comes at the end of recruitment week.  Each house celebrates with a themed celebration that usually includes, great food, delicious desserts, backdrops for pics and matching props that go with the theme, banners, balloons,  free t-shirts, body paint, glitter, possibly a band/DJ, and an entire house of excited girls ready to proudly chant and wear their new sisterhood's letters.  Bid Day sets the tone for the school year and pretty much for the rest of college and will forever be one of the most memorable days of a sorority girl's life.  It's necessary to make this day extremely special and memorable for the new members who are about to call this new house their home for the next four years, which is why choosing the right theme for your sorority's Bid Day is so important.  Here is a list of the 10 Best Bid Day Themes for your sorority's big day!

1.  Saved By the "Bid"

Inspired by Saved by the Bell, this Bid Day theme is sure to be a fun and memorable one! Pair your bid day tank with leg warmers, a scrunchie, and some high waisted denim shorts for a fun 80's look!  Create fun bright-colored banners and neon backdrops for taking tons of pics!  Include some fun "retro" snacks like candy necklaces or Pop Rocks and play never ending "throwback" jams to dance the day away with your new sisters!

2.  Bid Day at Tiffany's

Have a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Bid Day!  This theme is sure to make an impact on your chapter's new members.  Have Tiffany blue shirts that say "your chapter's name and Co." Wear white shorts or tennis skirts and white ribbons in your hair.  Create banners and backdrops with an overwhelming amount of silver glitter and have a photo booth area with props like Audrey Hepburn gloves, tiaras, and strings of faux pearls.  This theme is girly, cute, and fun and is sure to make Bid Day unforgettable!

3.  Harry Potter

Although this may be an unconventional theme, it is sure to make tons of girls extremely happy on their Bid Day.  I know if I were welcomed into my new sorority house with a Harry Potter theme, I would feel like I chose the right sisterhood.  Have t-shirts made to match the theme, wear striped ties with your sorority's colors, and knee socks.  When welcoming the new members home, have goody bags full of Harry Potter candy such as chocolate frogs and jelly beans. Create a photo booth area with a backdrop and props like wands, a sorting hat, and Harry Potter glasses.  Make some non-alcoholic Butter Beer and gold cake pops to look like snitches!

4.  Coachella

We all envy anyone who gets to go to Coachella, so create your own version of the festival for Bid Day!  Pair your Bid Day shirt with a flower crown, denim cutoffs, flash tats, and circular glasses.  Make banners, props, and backdrops for pictures with a boho-inspired look.  Have a food truck outside of the house for a festival feel and of course, play Coachella-inspired music or have a DJ/artist perform! Have tie-dye, face painting, and henna stations for the ultimate festival-like experience that is sure to never be forgotten!

5.  Barbie

This theme is so cute and makes every girl feel like a Barbie girl.  Have pink everything, seriously, go overboard with pink and anything glitter.  Design a cute tank with your sorority's name in Barbie writing and white tennis skirts with leg warmers, tennis shoes, or even roller skates!  Play lots of upbeat pop music and create a Barbie world with a bubble machine, cotton candy, and of course, a backdrop or photo booth for pictures!

6.  Derby

This theme never disappoints!  Inspired by the Kentucky Derby, your chapter can wear their bid day shirts with pastel colored shorts/skirts, strings of pearls, and of course, a large floppy hat.  Play horseshoes in the lawn of your sorority house and serve lemonade/sweet tea in large pitchers!  Have banners saying "Welcome to the Winners Circle!" This theme is all about southern class and charm, so go above and beyond with the details to make for an extra special Bid Day!

7.  Disney Princess

There are so many different variations of this theme that your sorority could do for Bid Day, which is what makes this an extra fun theme!  Wear your Bid Day tank with a tutu and a tiara. Have everyone choose their favorite Disney princess and match the tutu to the color of that princess' signature dress!  Create banners with the main Disney princesses and a backdrop with Cinderella's castle for taking pics in front of!  Have a projector set up playing Disney princess movies all day and stations for face painting or body glitter.  This theme is sure to make all your new members feel like royalty and will help make their Bid Day magical!

8.  Victoria's Secret

A Victoria's Secret Bid Day theme is sure to make your new members feel like Angels. Wear your Bid Day shirts with either a pink striped satin robe or angel wings!  Have a live performer or a DJ to play all of the latest upbeat songs to dance to and a mock runway.   Create pink striped and polka dot banners/backdrops for everyone's favorite part, pictures!  Set up hair and makeup stations so you can feel your most glam on this memorable day.

9.  Beyoncรฉ

Bey is probably the only person who could have an entire Bid Day theme dedicated to her. Everyone loves Beyoncรฉ, so this is a sure way to get your new members pumped for Bid Day.  Wear "Flawless" black shirts with your chapter's name in pink.  Get a DJ and play all of Beyoncรฉ's albums on repeat! Create backdrops with props like lemons/lemonade from her newest album and rings so you can "put a ring on it" for the day.  Make banners saying "We Put A Bid On It" and "Who Run The World? (Insert chapter's name)" Just have fun with it, we all want to feel like Queen B for a day, and what could possibly be a better day to feel like Bey than Bid Day!?

10.  Grease

Grease is a classic and would make for an adorable Bid Day theme! Dress in white converse/tennis shoes and poodle skirts or rolled up jeans and a pink/black 50's scarf on your neck or in your hair.  Make shirts similar to the Pink Ladies design but instead of saying Pink Ladies put your chapters name on the shirt!  Have milkshakes and burgers for a 50's feel and either rent a jukebox or get a DJ to play retro music all day!  A Grease Bid Day would surely be an unforgettable way to kick off the year and a lifetime of new friendships.